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Kevin McShane Designer

Freelancer holiday parties are always lame...

Kevin McShane is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently living in Los Angeles, California.

Kevin studied studio art and computer science at Oberlin College, and has over 15 years experience as a cartoonist and illustrator. This diverse combination of skills helps Kevin’s work strike a unique balance between the functional and aesthetic. He prefers clean, simple, yet sophisticated design; and is comfortable working in print, on screen, and everywhere in-between.

In his career, Kevin has worked for clients big and small, corporate and individual, as staff or freelance, from coast to coast. He prides himself on his punctuality, his professionalism, and his peerless work ethic. As an experienced freelancer, he brings speed, attention to detail, and self-sufficiency to every job.

In addition to design, Kevin is also an actor and a comedian, and specializes in graphic design for actors and comedians. He is also an accomplished photographer.

Kevin is always looking for a creative, stimulating clients that will challenge and utilize his many diverse talents. Please contact him today about your project. He promises not to refer to himself in the third person.